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A Mild Winter

It is the start of a new year and with that said; we are still waiting for winter to show up here in the Kittitas Valley.  Our first large accumulation of snowfall dropped in on us yesterday, with about two inches, coating the ground this morning. 
With the warmer temperatures residing in the low elevations through the month of December, Central Washington’s Yakima River has continued to fish quite well.  You know the fishing is good when the “Whitefishermen” complain about catching big trout.  
Many of these robust, seasonal fishermen, patronize the fly shop this time of year, gathering fly tying materials to put together these very simplistic, “Whitefish flies”.

In December, a Rocky Mountain Whitefish season begins on the Yakima River and this tradition of bouncing small flies with attached lead on or near the bottom of the river with a maggot attached to the bend, has not lost its popularity.  During this season, 15 Whitefish per angler may be retained, per day.  
Of course, any trout …