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Autumn Fly Fishing Has Hit It's Peak!

Autumn Fly Fishing

The month of October has half way disappeared and we are now in the peak of the Autumn fly fishing season in Central Washington.  The colors of fall are legendary in the this river valley as the orange, red, yellow and green's blend together and create a spectacular array to stimulate the visionary senses.  It's almost overwhelming when you turn your head in any direction and the bright, eye candy colors of foliage, bombard your senses from every angle.  It has to be the finest time of the year to be outdoors.
With that now said, October also has to be thee month to fly fish the Yakima River.  As the water temperatures cool, every fish in the river shifts their metabolism into overdrive and feeds without reservation.  Unlike many of us, they are keenly aware that in just a short while, the water temperatures will cool dramatically and the aquatic food source that has been abundant most of the season, will once again be a scarce commodity until spring.

Most inse…