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Bass On The Fly...Columbia River Desert Unit

Bass On The Fly Is Still Strong!
I was fortunate enough to spend the day back in the Columbia River Desert this week and found the Smallmouth fishing is still going strong on the "Big River".  It's not surprising after the strong snow pack conditions that occurred in Washington, Idaho and Montana this winter.
The spring months of April, May & June are typically the prime time months for fly fishing for Smallmouth in the desert unit.  However, the early spring run-off of snow pack that flowed the majority of these months throughout the big river has created ideal water conditions late into the month of August.  Even after a long stint of high heat and desert fires that burned along the river line, Smallmouth bass fishing is still going strong.
Typically by now, the weed mass has taken over much of the shallow edges and pools of the river, however at this time water conditions are excellent for fly fishing.  I would expect these same conditions throughout the month of Sep…

Summer Fly Fishing In Central Washington

Summer fly fishing is coming to a close in the Yakima River Valley as the month of August is quickly drawing to an end.  It's been a warm summer and the heavy, fast flowing river is now beginning to recede. This time every year, the Bureau of Reclamation begins drawing the Yakima River back and they reduce the flow structure in the Yakima, which is refereed to as the "flip flop".

As they bring the water flows down in the Yakima, flows will slowly increase in the Naches River in the next drainage to the west.  Here, Yakima and Benton County irragators can continue to draw water from two other storage reservoirs as their growing season tends to operate on a longer schedule, then the mighty Timothy Hay producers in the Kittitas Valley.

As these flows recede, several key components begin to happen in the Yakima.  Sub straight and other structure that has been buried under several feet of water all summer long, begins to appear.  Now, the Yakima takes on the look and feel of a …