A Mild Winter

It is the start of a new year and with that said; we are still waiting for winter to show up here in the Kittitas Valley.  Our first large accumulation of snowfall dropped in on us yesterday, with about two inches, coating the ground this morning. 
With the warmer temperatures residing in the low elevations through the month of December, Central Washington’s Yakima River has continued to fish quite well.  You know the fishing is good when the “Whitefishermen” complain about catching big trout.  
Many of these robust, seasonal fishermen, patronize the fly shop this time of year, gathering fly tying materials to put together these very simplistic, “Whitefish flies”.

In December, a Rocky Mountain Whitefish season begins on the Yakima River and this tradition of bouncing small flies with attached lead on or near the bottom of the river with a maggot attached to the bend, has not lost its popularity.  During this season, 15 Whitefish per angler may be retained, per day.  
Of course, any trout …

Autumn Fly Fishing Has Hit It's Peak!

Autumn Fly Fishing

The month of October has half way disappeared and we are now in the peak of the Autumn fly fishing season in Central Washington.  The colors of fall are legendary in the this river valley as the orange, red, yellow and green's blend together and create a spectacular array to stimulate the visionary senses.  It's almost overwhelming when you turn your head in any direction and the bright, eye candy colors of foliage, bombard your senses from every angle.  It has to be the finest time of the year to be outdoors.
With that now said, October also has to be thee month to fly fish the Yakima River.  As the water temperatures cool, every fish in the river shifts their metabolism into overdrive and feeds without reservation.  Unlike many of us, they are keenly aware that in just a short while, the water temperatures will cool dramatically and the aquatic food source that has been abundant most of the season, will once again be a scarce commodity until spring.

Most inse…

Yakima River Update-September 16th-2018

Yakima River Update-Fall Fishing Has Ignited!
Here’s a quick update.  The WBFC Guide Staff is busier then ever and  Steve, Aron & Nathan have all been fishing nonstop this month.  It's only going to get better and better folks.

The months of September, October and November are the prime time months of the year to experience Central Washington's blue river trout stream, the Yakima. 
The river is getting buggy with aquatic insect hatches of Craneflies, Blue Wing Olives, Shortwing Stones, October Caddis and smaller fall caddis  As you can see the fish are bulking up as the water temperatures cool down. 

Don’t let the opportunity slip by you this fall. Get out here and enjoy a day of fun filled fishing and be safe on the water!  Until next time, have a great Sunday.

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Bass On The Fly...Columbia River Desert Unit

Bass On The Fly Is Still Strong!
I was fortunate enough to spend the day back in the Columbia River Desert this week and found the Smallmouth fishing is still going strong on the "Big River".  It's not surprising after the strong snow pack conditions that occurred in Washington, Idaho and Montana this winter.
The spring months of April, May & June are typically the prime time months for fly fishing for Smallmouth in the desert unit.  However, the early spring run-off of snow pack that flowed the majority of these months throughout the big river has created ideal water conditions late into the month of August.  Even after a long stint of high heat and desert fires that burned along the river line, Smallmouth bass fishing is still going strong.
Typically by now, the weed mass has taken over much of the shallow edges and pools of the river, however at this time water conditions are excellent for fly fishing.  I would expect these same conditions throughout the month of Sep…

Summer Fly Fishing In Central Washington

Summer fly fishing is coming to a close in the Yakima River Valley as the month of August is quickly drawing to an end.  It's been a warm summer and the heavy, fast flowing river is now beginning to recede. This time every year, the Bureau of Reclamation begins drawing the Yakima River back and they reduce the flow structure in the Yakima, which is refereed to as the "flip flop".

As they bring the water flows down in the Yakima, flows will slowly increase in the Naches River in the next drainage to the west.  Here, Yakima and Benton County irragators can continue to draw water from two other storage reservoirs as their growing season tends to operate on a longer schedule, then the mighty Timothy Hay producers in the Kittitas Valley.

As these flows recede, several key components begin to happen in the Yakima.  Sub straight and other structure that has been buried under several feet of water all summer long, begins to appear.  Now, the Yakima takes on the look and feel of a …

Spring Flows Projected For The Yakima River

If you are planning on fishing the Yakima River in Central Washington this spring, the link below to the ten day river flow forecast on the Worley Bugger Fly Co. website will be very useful for you in planning your trip.

The Projected Yakima River Flows

You will find this useful as flows will fluctuate this spring with snow pack run-off.  Call the Proshop In Ellensburg if you have any questions.
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Spring Skwalla Stonefly FIshing Is On!

Game on friends. Skwalla Stonefly season is here NOW. Get it while the getn' is good. This is the start of the stonefly hatch, but there is lots of snow to come out of the mountains. No guarantee on how long the river will stay in shape.

This Adult Skwalla just can you tell?? Post if you know the answer.

For More Information on the this spring stonefly hatch on the Yakima River visit our page below on this fun, intense hatch.
Spring Skwalla Fishing

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